Summary, annotated text, historical background, analysis, and more. Mac Flecknoe Or a Satire Upon the True-Blue-Protestant Poet T. S.. A Poem by John . Mac Flecknoe is a verse mock-heroic satire written by John Dryden. It is a direct attack on Thomas Shadwell, another prominent poet of the time. It opens with the . Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden. Dryden, who was the greatest literary figure of the Restoration period achieved.

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He never deviates into sense.

Flecknoe crowns Shadwell and bursts into prophecy. He advises him to advance ignorance and to promote dullness. John Fletcherrenowned playwright in the early seventeenth century.

George EtheregeEnglish writer of stage comedies. The poem begins in the tone of an epic masterpiece, presenting Shadwell’s defining characteristic as dullness, just as every epic hero has a defining characteristic: Through an unexpected, extreme imbalance in diction, words take on a new meaning of absurdity, creating an inappropriate tone and a morally mutated context of idiocracy.

The first two lines set the pattern. Absalom and Achitophel is a longer poem than Mac Flecknoe and whereas only two characters, Mac Flecknoe and Flecknoe, bear the brunt of his satirical shafts in Mac Flecknoe, a number of characters are satirized in Absalom and Achitophel. Indeed, it seems absurd for a mighty prince to aspire to rule a kingdom of brothels, and the image of such a situation is humorous.

With Dryden every hit is calculated, and every stroke goes home; in each character brought on the scene, those features are only selected for exposure on the praise which are of direct significance for the purpose in hand.

Psyche is a young woman so beautiful that the goddess of love, Venus, becomes jealous. Dryden’s method here is something very near to parody; he applies vocabulary, images and ceremony, which arouse epic associations of grandeur, to make an enemy helplessly ridiculous.


It is a direct attack on Thomas Shadwellanother prominent poet of the time.

Seat of Norfolk County in eastern England. Though Mac Flecknoe has its own place among Dryden’s masterpieces in English satirical poetry, it gives way to Absalom and Achitophel which has been praised by Saintsbury in these words: John Dryden wrote “Mac Flecknoe” to satirize another English writer, Thomas Shadwellauthor of eighteen plays and a small body of poetry.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When a king of England was crowned, he received an orb along with a scepter as a symbol of his power.

So Shadwell inherits the throne as Mac Flecknoe son of Flecknoe. Instead, he need only trust his natural instincts, and dullness will pour forth. He was not the first man in England to write satires, but he imparted it a distinction by his skill and genius. But with the analysus of those who pity her—including a river god—she achieves success. Flecknoe’s name has already become a synonym for a fool. Richard Flecknoe was an Xnalysis dramatist and poet whose writing was ridiculed by poet Andrew Marvellas well as Dryden.

Later, her sisters give her bad advice. The real-life Flecknoe was said to be a priest. Let Shadwell set his own songs to music and sing them.

Mac Flecknoe – Wikipedia

Nor let thy mountain belly make pretence Of likeness ; 77 thine’s a tympany aanalysis of sense. Once Flecknoe has chosen Shadwell as his successor, the news gets a wide publicity. Son of Aeneas, the hero of Virgil’s Aeneid. Meanwhile, Cupid can no longer endure separation from his beloved and asks Jupiter for help.

Mac Flecknoe

Book dealers unable to sell the works of Shadwell. In Dryden’s poem, buskins symbolizes stage tragedies. He praises his son and successor who would rule from Ireland to Barbadoes. The poem is set flecknnoe London, referred to in the poem as Augusta.


Instead, Dryden uses the genius of his wit, razor sharp, to expose Shadwell’s writing as humdrum and uninspired. However, the effect of this arouses neither anger nor sympathy in the reader, but laughter.

Cupid, invisible to human eyes, enters her chamber while she is sleeping. Shadwell has a anwlysis fabric that fills the eye’ He is the master of repetition; he is a faithful follower of bad poets like Heywood and Shirley.

Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden

analyeis A phrase that appears in a Shadwell play entitled The Virtuoso. The rest to some faint meaning make pretence, But Shadwell never deviates into sense. John HeywoodEnglish author of interludes, which were humorous, flecknooe, or moralistic dialogues recited on a stage before or after a play or during an intermission.

Moreover, he says, let wnalysis writers imitate his son. The juxtaposition of the lofty style with unexpected nouns such as ‘dullness’ provides an ironic contrast and makes the satiric point by the obvious disparity. Their quarrel blossomed from the following disagreements: Summary Absalom and Achitophel: For example, a mock epic about an inconsequential U. For example, “Mac Flecknoe” undeniably ridicules, in particular, the literary ability and accomplishments of the restoration playwright, Thomas Shadwell.

Jacob Tonson published an edited and authorized copy of the poem in London in as part of a Dryden collection entitled Miscellany Poems. Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. The satire was as bitter as Butler’s but less grotesque and less laboured.