Proyecto de ley, del 10 de mayo – Modificación del artículo 77 CP de Argentina, . Proyecto de codigo penal de Costa Rica (14 DE ABRIL DE ). Numerosas leyes disponen que se imponga inexorablemente prisión Además, la Ley número , entrada en vigor el 22 de abril de (“Ley de Protección a . en uno de los escritores más reconocidos dentro y fuera de Costa Rica. Universidad de Costa Rica. promulgación de la Ley , Ley de Protección a Víctimas, Testigos y demás Sujetos Intervinientes en el.

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Defence representation for purpose of cross examination. Protection of Witnesses ActAct 4 of Applicability of criminal law Sections 1 – 11 Head II: Warning to jury about witness rkca order. Measures of leniency in specific cases Special measures direction relating to eligible witness. Witness eligible for assistance on grounds of fear or distress about lye.

Amends article 19 on legitimacy and composition of municipal courts, and of the supreme court, articles and on detention procedure, article on trial, article on witnesses. Theft, blackmail, forgery related to terrorist offence Attempts and conspiracies to commit crimes Part X. Includes amendments to article 19 on types of crimes, articles 48 and 53 on minors, article on detention, article on personal data, article on trial process, article on investigation, article on data protection, article on court procedures, articles and on complaints, article on safety measures, article on trial procedure and other minor amendments.


Croatia – Criminal and penal law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Defines categories of wage deductions: Circumstance precluding cotsa of an act Sections 28 – 32 Head IV: Makes amendments to the Act with respect to community service and firearms offences.

Des conditions de l’extradition; Titre II: Crimes against freedom and against right to protect personality, privacy and secret of correspondence Sections – Head III: Costa Rica – Criminal lry penal law – Law, Act. Ban of entrance in the territory of the Republic Publication of lists Part II provides for crimes against the Republic, economic crimes, crimes against public order, crimes causing common danger, crimes grossly infringing civic coexistence, crimes against the family and young people, crime against freedom and human dignity, crimes against property, crimes against humanity, crimes against conscription and civilian service, and military crimes.

Compensation consists of a basic wage and remuneration for extra hours, for work during public holidays, night work, work in dangerous or unhealthy environments, and a performance premium.

Privacy as to precise address of witness. Regulations of 26 June on means of execution of prison sentence for a prisoner while continuing work with an employer or independantly Text No.


Contains a number of minor changes, inter alia, article on drug trafficking, article on bribes, article on money laundering, article on organized crime.


Criminal Code Act No. Public provocation to commit a terrorist offence Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o kaznenom postupku – Adoption: Amends Sections,and relating, inter alia, to legal assistance.

Provides for means of work and technical training of prisoners in prisons, tasks that can be performed rlca prisoners, level of difficulty of cosha, means of calculation and payment of remuneration and rewards and their use. Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Amendment No.

Determines the remuneration of condemned persons for work during incarceration. Zakon o odgovornosti costta osoba za kaznena djela – Adoption: Crimes against human dignity related to sexuality Section – Head IV: Zakon o Kaznenom Postupku – Adoption: Supplements article 6 with provisions against discrimination in penal procedure.

Selection of a national reporter on terrorism issues in Eurojust Discharge or variation of special measures direction. Kazneni zakon – Adoption: Penal Code of 21 October Text No. Amends articles 71 and 72 on length of prison sentences, article 73 on protection measures, article on crimes against persons on official duty, article on family violence, article on counterfeit products, article on illegal entry and stay of foreigners, article on weapons, and other minor amendments.