Lebensohl over Notrump interference, Opponents’ Weak 2, Opener Reverse. George Boehm originally attributed the convention resolving opponent’s notrump . Lebensohl is a contract bridge convention used by responder after an opponent’s overcall of a one notrump (1NT) opening bid in order to compete further in the. According to Mr. Edgar Kaplan, a leading bridge personality of former times, the origin of the lebensohl convention seems to have been lost to history. In the late.

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The true origin of the strange appellation is therefore unknown. Redouble is penalty, showing invitational-or-better values and an interest in lebdnsohl their runout suit.

Origins Lebensohl was originally attributed to a successful bridge player in the 70’s named Ken Lebensold.

The easiest method is to keep Lebensohl on, but to increase the point requirements for invitational or game-forcing hands. This shows no stopper in the overcalled suit 6.

Now a cue bid by advancer might show in the majors in case doubler has only one 4-card major: After 1NT— 2 natural — this is the easy one!

The 3 response is either passed or corrected to another suit. Advancer has a weak hand — points and his suit is lower-ranking than the weak 2 suit. After partner bids 3you bid your suit naturally.

All other bids are “system on”. You can contact me via: Here are some simple uses of Lebensohl: An unspecified one-suiter artificial double: Several of the more popular and artificial conventional defense methods are listed below:. If there is space to bid a suit at the 2 level; e. If the overcall on the three level is doubled by the responder, the opener must bid unless the better option is to convert the takeout double for penalties, which is possible when holding a maximum No Trump. The partner may have a minimum for his takeout doublebut gains the necessary information from his partner as to how to proceed.


With a hand that will make game opposite an average of about pts. After that, the responder can pass if he wants to play in 3. If you bid 2NT in this position, it’s Lebensohl, which asks opener to bid 3C. The common thread is that a 2NT bid by responder requests that opener or doubler rebid 3. What is the purpose of this convention? Assume for the following hands the bidding has gone 2 — DBL — P —? In the case that the artificial overcall shows two identifiable suits, then the cheaper cuebid is game invitational.

After responder makes a game-forcing jump bid, e. What is lebensohl over a weak 2? If he has no stopper, he can pass 2H with 3-card heart support or scramble to 2S if he holds 2 hearts and 3 spades.

Lebensohl (After a 1NT opening bid)

With points, 2 is to play weak With points and a suit 2NT is bid forcing a relay to 3. If you have invitational or forcing-to-game strength, your jump responses can all retain their standard meaning. If the opponent opened 2D, a jump to 4D shows both majors. However, acquainted oneself with and knowledge of these methods will allow the student to acquire advantages over competing bridge players.


Over 2responder can: Please include the particular feature on your convention card in order that your opponents are also aware of conventuon feature during the bidding process, since this information must be made known to them according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.

See below for how to use Lebensohl to make a two-suited slam try.

Lebensohl (After a 1NT opening bid)

A penalty double becomes ambiguous when neither partner knows the two suits intended by the opponents. In the seventh edition and for the first time, the OEB notes “Uniquely amongst bridge lebensonl, it should arguably be spelled with a lowercase lebeneohl letter — lebensohl.

Choice-of-game auctions Lebensohl can help you improve your bidding accuracy when you have a good hand, but only 4 cards in the other major. Our responder’s bid of 2NT is artificial and alertable.

Over 3C, you’ll bid 3D to show the very weak sign-off hand.