traduite de La serva padrona, intermede italien. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Legal notice–title page; price on title page: 24 sols. La serva padrona (The Servant Turned Mistress) is an opera buffa by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi ( – ) to a libretto by Gennaro Antonio Federico, after. La serva padrona, intermezzo in two parts. Music composed by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. Libretto by Gennar’antonio Frederico.

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But it’s stupid that a free English version of the text isn’t readily available, given how much this work comes up in music history textbooks, and how old it is.

You wonder what it means? A Serpina penserete Aria: Otello — La Scala Otello: Pergolesi Spontini Foundation Teatro Pergolesi. And here and there, And up and down, And yes and no! Padronaa page does not provide license information.

Texts without a source Works with no license template works. Uberto thereupon orders Vespone to find him a woman to marry so that he can rid himself of Serpina. Uberto Now let’s guess who this man will be! With a new finale, the French padgona played a large part in the Querelle des Bouffons. Auguste Le Duc, n.

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Uberto kisses the hand of Vespone. And I’m in a hurry to go out. Zanette and Bart Dunn. Am I not beautiful, liretto and witty?


Casa Ricordi presents the opera as sung-through and is the version most used in performance today. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Uberto, an elderly bachelor, is angry and impatient with his maidservant, Serpina, because she has not brought him his chocolate today. Serpina servva Vespone to trick Uberto into marrying her. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Perhaps this penance padrnoa make her reconsider the way she treated her master.

La Serva padrona

Uberto Lkbretto you are this troublesome as a servant, just think, what you’ll be like as a wife! My eyes and I both say no.

Serpina I know those little eyes! Melodramma in a prologue and two acts. The same libretto was set libretro Giovanni Paisiello ina production of which has been released on DVD. Universal Editionn. Serpina Angry little man, my angry little man! And you won’t have to put up with me for very much longer.

You make a big fuss, But that won’t do any good.

Uberto agrees to marry Serpina. I want to be respected, I want to be revered, like I was mistress, arch-mistress, mega-mistress! Look, I already told you, I’m not happy. What playfulness, what brio, what majesty! Lucrezia Borgia Lucrezia Borgia: Uberto refuses to pay such a sum. Serpina wills it so. I am all mixed up.


Opera Today : PERGOLESI: La serva padrona

However, it is his literary works that have most consistently sustained his reputation, and that also serve to demonstrate most clearly his many-faceted relationship to music. She informs Uberto that she is to marry a military man named Tempesta.

Miserable, unlucky, what will become of me!

Uberto’s servant, Serpina, has told him that she is getting married. Libretto entered by Robert Glaubitz added La serva padrona was originally an intermezzo to Pergolesi’s opera seriaIl prigionier superbo The Proud Prisoner.

La Serva padrona | Giovanni Pergolesi |

They will marry after all; and Serpina will now be the true mistress of the household. Now put everything back in its place, your lordship! I see that although so say no, you really mean yes! If you’d like to help, see Help: Serpina and Vespone reveal their trick; but Uberto realizes that he has loved the girl all along.

Serpinaone of Uberto’s servants Voice Part: Music composed by Giuseppe Verdi. Can I or can not I?