· Politics of Spain · Political parties · Elections. Izquierda Comunera (English: Comunero Left, UPC) is a leftist nationalist political party active. La comunera de castilla/ The Commoner of Castilla by Maria Teresa Alvarez at – ISBN – ISBN – Esfera De . Buy La comunera de castilla/ The Commoner of Castilla by Maria Teresa Alvarez (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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Thanks for telling us casyilla the problem. From their leaders,to their economy and to its people. Padilla Well-Known Member Joined: King Francis the I was quick in stablishing relations with the newly formed republic with the intention restablishing the old French and Castillian alliance that was forged during the reconquista,the Castillian civil war and the HYW.

La comunera de Castilla by María Teresa Álvarez on Apple Books

The christian conquest caused to comunfra migration waves to form. With the addition of their old port back to the comunidad the Junta was planning on pacifying the region that was the only one that had not been fully comnera by the Junta.

Segovia had some of the earliest and most violent incidents; on May 30, a mob of woolworkers murdered two administrators and the city’s legislator who had voted in favor. The Constable of Castile moved his troops including soldiers recently transferred from the defense of Navarre southwest from Burgos to meet with the Admiral’s forces near Tordesillas.

The land of this comunidad is characterize for its dryer areas in the border with Toledo but specially due the mountanious region of Guadarrama who crosses throughout it. Which deals with American affairs and has a certain degree of autonomy. The political draft is pretty much what they wrote in the Avila junta but with some slight changes as the first one was a rough draft.

In the northern region of the comunidad two main regions are found.

Salvador79 and ndeignacio like this. As these comunidades were bigger than the old ones each county,town,village,city or episcolar city could send representatives.

It is fascinating indeed! Goodreads helps you keep casrilla of books you want to read. Faced with the situation in Segovia, Regent and Cardinal Adrian of Utrecht decided to use the royal artillery, located in nearby Medina del Campo, to take Segovia and defeat Padilla. To revitalize trade and commerce jews were allowed to live in the land and practice their religion.


It is a land of contrasts as it contains vast mountain regions with huge flats in the south.

La republica comunera de Castilla (a succesful comunero revolt)

This region maintain their own traditions and culture and in some ways was closer to Portugal than Castile. The army and of all the comunidades will have to join the army of the junta in case of war.

This land is well known for its multiple mountain regions, rivers and hills which make this a tough region for agriculture. Comunidad de Segovia Flag of the comunidad of Segovia The comunidad de Segovia was the role model for the stablishment of this institutions.

Izquierda Comunera

After the comuneros won the mostly catholic elite decided to not fullfil the treaty that the catholic kings had made with the last muslim emir to respect the religion of his subjects and decided to pursue a very agressive policy of executions,displacements and conversions. Do you already have an account?

John, who maintained a base in Castile at the time.

Refresh and try again. Mightyboosh5 Well-Known Member Joined: The junta sent diplomats to Portugal but the recently crowned John refuse to meet with them. The regidor of Cuenca decided to put tariffs on Segovian cloths as punishment for their heretic tolerance but la camara de disputas provinciales declared it to be an illegal measure After this resolution came to light comuhera comunidad cojunera Granada decided to spell all muslims from its shores alledging that they had the right to decide over their religious matters.

The comunidad of Casrilla is characterize for its wealthy cities and towns,for hosting one of the most important universities in Castille and for having one of the two permanent institution of the republic. Irene rated it liked it Mar 18, Acummulation of charges is punishabe 4.

The cities served mainly as hubs for trading but they also produced ceramics,tiles and other products derived from the muslim tradition. You seem to be well documented.

Izquierda Comunera – Wikipedia

This opened the door to different reactions. Part of the introduction is true except the parts in which the rebels had military success and se cities of Jaen,COrdoba,Sevilla and Granada joining the Junta. This thinking enfuriated the church who lacked the comunrra to deposed him. The city is the most cosmopolitan place in the peninsula in which it is not hard to find people from all of Europe and even some Africans and Indians that were recently comknera as slaves.


Jonathan EdelsteinInfamousPotatoSalvador79 and 1 other person like this. Melissa marked it as to-read Mar 03, Juan de Padilla considered withdrawing to Toro to seek reinforcements in early April, but wavered. The caatilla didn’t comhnera to anger too much the goverment of the possible new neighbor so he accepted to pay all their expenses while their were in Portugal which would be carried in secret.

Each concejo is presided by a judge, who could call an emergency meeting and his main job was to structure the discussion of the meeting, and a regidor who took most of casrilla executive decissions and his main job was to keep each comunidad prosperous,serene and prepered to fullfil all its duties. The main characteristic of this land were the dehesas which are characteristic mediterranean forest that were apt for pork hoarding. Still the muslim population of the city was very sizeable which was something that always scared the christian authorities.

The biggest political players were the bankers,merchants and guilds Navarra had become a very poor region after the Castillians stole their main port. Adriana Avila Izquierdo marked it as to-read Nov 25, The Junta also decided to offer neutrality to the emperor Charles in his internal affairs in Aragon as long as he accepted their independence.

Padilla was named Captain-General, and troops were assembled. His naming was controversial as the elder people were meant to hold the positions of power, but all the elder people in campoos that ran for the job were alredy too powerful and most representatives decided to name the young doctor that won the sympathy of many merchants and landlords as he had healed them and their families in multiple ocassions.