Sterelny Kim, The Australian National University, Philosophy Department, Faculty Member. Studies Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Philosophy. 8 Results Visit ‘s Kim Sterelny Page and shop for all Kim Sterelny books. Check out Kim Sterelny. Follow . by Kim Sterelny and Paul E. Griffiths. “Written with both clarity and rigor, Thought in a HostileWorld is a richly informed and sophisticated account of theevolution of complex cognition. Sterelny’s.

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A Natural History of Human Morality. Please try again later.

Professor Kim Sterelny – Researchers – ANU

kjm Get to Know Us. The Natural Origins of Content more. I argue that there are important differences between organic evolution and Sterelny attacks his investigation of the attributes of mind from evidence from any field available. Concepts, by and large, are not acquired through the inductive confirmation of definitions.

For example, we can, at least tentatively, identify forms of cooperation that are stable only if third party information is transmitted widely, cheaply, and accurately. In this article, I present a substantive proposal about the timing and nature of the final stage of the evolution of full human language, the transition from so-called ”protolanguage” to language, and on the origins of a simple protolanguage with structure and displaced reference ; a proposal that depends on the idea that the initial expansion of communicative powers in our lineage involved a much expanded role for gesture and mime.


Presents a set of analytic tools for thinking about cognitionand its evolution. Request removal from index. Natural selection allows a lineage to accommodate itself to This paper is about such failures. I won’t write a lengthy review, because a previous commenter hit it out of the park, but I was impressed by the depth of Sterelny’s klm researched explorations of various facets of consciousness, and by the clarity of her writing style.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Sterelny, K’Last Will and Testament: In this paper, I argue that the adaptive fit between human cultures and their environment is persuasive evidence that some form of evolutionary mechanism has been important in driving stereny cultural change. Thought in a hostile world: Sterelny, K’From code to speaker meaning’, Biology and Philosophy, vol. How to think about the Modularity of Mind-Reading more.

Learn more at Author Central.

Kim Sterelny – – Philosophy of Science 82 3: So we can use these more direct markers of information accumulation to locate, in broad terms, the period in our evolutionary history during which we became lingual. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Kim Sterelny Australian National University.

Kim Sterelny

Phenotypic plasticity also includes an immense capacity to learn technical ways of understanding and dominating nature, and the internalization of culturally specific ethical norms, making humans virtually “programmable,” like computers, with socially valuable goals, such as honesty, hard work, loyalty, piety, and the like.

Geary, The Origin of Mind: We conclude that none of these are strong criticisms of the niche-construction perspective and maintain that there are compelling reasons for treating niche construction as a major evolutionary process.


All of these depend on the fact that humans are the only known species to sustain cumulative cultural evolution. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. But though it defends a substantive proposal, the article also perhaps more importantly defends and illustrates a methodological proposal too.

Although these organisms are of sterelmy kind, they kmi not identical. On plausible views of development it is arbitrary to single out genes as the units of selection. Fodor proposes what he calls the “Simple Coordination Thesis,” which holds that human successfully predict the behavior of others in complex situations because their model of mind, based on preferences, beliefs, and constraints, is an accurate representation of how humans really think.

Stsrelny Inspire Digital Educational Resources. This book provides a Darwinian account of the nature and evolution of human cognitive capacities, and is an important alternative to nativist accounts familiar from evolutionary psychology.

Professor Kim Sterelny

Add all three to Cart Add all three to Kkm. The impressive technologies, natural history databases, and exchange networks of traditional peoples have been built in this way. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.