Kajira of Gor (Gorean Saga) [John Norman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In their contentions with Priest-Kings, Kurii, savage denizens . Kajira of Gor has ratings and 10 reviews. Johnny said: Is another Gorean novel, this time number 19 in the Chronicles of Gor series by John Norman. In the Gor universe, there is a near-ubiquitous master/slave dynamic between men and women, and the ladies—or “kajirae,” who are.

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Nicolas rated it really liked it Apr 29, You may style it in various ways, but underneath the accesorities, its still the same outfit.

A public university professor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The institution of female slavery exists in the vast majority of Gorean societies, with a small number of exceptions in the city of Tharna before the revolution described in Gor book 2 Outlawamong the “rencers” of the Vosk river delta before the introduction of the great bow, and among the tribe of Alarsand is partially standardized across Gor by the conventions of Merchant Law.

The word is usually seen in the feminine form “kajira” pl. So how does she end up in this lamentable situation, used as – literally – part of the furniture by abject creephats and singular perverts?

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See this thread for more information. Not if you’re used to good writing. Trivia About Kajira of Gor Go Other synonyms used in certain contexts are “bondmaid”, “property girl” etc. Mar 18, Michael Havens rated it it was ok. Actually, this book was a little interesting.

Kajira of Gor

This is another one of those Gor books told from the point of view of a slave girl. First up, the thing with this novel is that it’s just totally nonsensical beyond belief. A slave of either sex kajira or kajirus must render perfect obedience to an owner of either sex master or mistress or suffer the consequences – but kaira on Gor believe that the situation of a male master owning a female slave is most in accord with the basic natures of the two sexes.


Kajira of Gor Gor 19 by John Norman. But the way it is written it sounds more like a manifesto pretending to be a novel. No, not “Slave Girl of Gor. In accord with tor projects, Kurii have occasionally sought to place and support congenial administrations in key cities. By using kaiira site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This concludes, following the above “lie there and juice” scene in an abandoned mill, which I’m sure fails got forever but can’t exactly work out how, never having had a chained naked slave girl at my feet to command to so do, and never thus having been able to measure her moistness following such an order, with her being “proven a natural slave before Drusius Rencius, whom I love.

Yes, he’s a CUNY professor. Can’t we just get to the kzjira already?

Kajira Of Gor

One such city is Corcyrus. Although she isn’t, rather, she’s the Tatrix of Corcyrus and as such, like many free women, especially noble free women of Gor, she’s currently in a palace and wearing a burka – sorry, robes of concealment.

Different scenes, creative wording, but still the same plot. Gorean slave women are branded, which means they are marked with certain signs burned into the flesh on being enslaved.

The phrase “la kajira” is said to mean “I am a slave-girl” in the main Gorean language the most widely-spoken lingua franca [ wp kajora in the known regions of the planet Gor ; this is one of the few complete Gorean-language sentences given in the Gor novels. She is a girl without a Home Stone, and such may be taken in hand, and claimed, as might be any stray animal, to be collared and owned, to be put to kajkra pleasure of masters.


Erik rated it really liked it Mar 28, There’s then many toings and froings in jajira she is paraded round got a highborn lady but is secretly just another slave girl of which there are very many.

Kajira – Wikipedia

Jbgood rated it liked it Mar 22, In accord with such projects, Kurii have occasionally sought to place and support congenial administrations in key cities. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Gog corresponding masculine forms are “kajirus” and “kajiri”. This is ridiculous, surely! Though she does wonder what slave chains would feel like on her.

Kahira rather simple, delicate, graceful, almost floral mark, in cursive script. Martin rated it really liked it Mar 29, He still has an international cult following, which is more than what most people have. She’s given an unusual coin by a numismatist, which turns out to be a coin of Gor, and is sent to an address on Long Island. This has to be the most obvious example of Tor Riding Crop in existence.

Norman has his barbarians, those masculine men of Gor who out macho us earthmen, with our preconceptions misconceptions according to the standards of Goreans in regards to women and how men and women relate to each other; with hte men subverting their birthright as the masters, while confused women secretly wanteing to be dominated by a “true” man, struggle to conform to an unatural comprimise of nature.

Kern rated it really liked it Jul 17, Gor 1 – 10 of 34 books. There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Other books in the series.