The IFAK was issued to every deploying Soldier via the Rapid Fielding Initiative. Weighing one pound, the IFAK consists of the following expendable medical. Portable Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) that have the gear to keep the blood in the Casualty, Get air into them and treat shock, either whilst waiting for the. When it comes to IFAK, the simpler the contents, the faster and they can be accessed and effectively applied. With that in mind, there is almost certainly a short.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Like the modern day IFAKs, the field dressing was intended for severe bleeding wounds. The suggested IFAKs here are based on three different needs, however, you should use your own head and figure out what you specifically need. Improvised field dressings can be made using a triangular bandage and gauze dressings, or any clean cloth that is available.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Not what I thought it was at all. The TyTek decompression needle is the recommended one here, but any suitably thick needle will do in a pinch.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. See and discover other items: This IFAK was comprised of two modules, a trauma kit and a minor first aid kit, which were carried in a pouch. You can buy military IFAK kits online at a lot vontents stores. This is where an IFAK comes in to play. One injury that I feel is not thought of but should be considered is a sucking chest wound.


What Soldiers Have in their IFAK Individual First Aid Kits

Sam Splints — buyemp. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The British military issue a similar medical pouch as the IFAK, with a folding insert carried inside a zippered pouch.

Ounce Water Iifak Tablets: Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. The chest seal prevents air from getting into the chest cavity and collapsing the lung, while allowing air to go out. The Tactical Tailor medic pouch issued to Canadian soldiers. You have exceeded the max quantity for this item. Splints are used to prevent movement, to allow proper healing of bones or open wounds on joints that cannot be kept still. Michelle Theado September 15, at 2: Writing stuff always comes in handy, but there is an actual need related to tactical medicine too: There are also modernized field dressings known as trauma or emergency bandages see below.

Like the J-tube, ifa, NPA is inserted to keep the airway open. Israeli Pressure Bandage Gauze Bandage: Today, tourniquets are credited with saving the lives and limbs of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan I plan on posting another article on tourniquets soon.

A Guide to Setting Up Your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) – The Kommando Blog

It’s used to refill your med kit. There are a ton of good IFAK pouch setups, and this list is far from comprehensive, but here is some essential information regarding setting up your IFAK.


Sean April 5, at Hemostats are used in conjunction with tourniquets and pressure bandages, depending on the severity of the wound. I can, with enough product, tape it in a pinch but these two products are useful enough to more than justify their weight and packing space. While they all work just fine, you might want to consider ripshears — shears that come with a ripper on the side. Triple Antibiotic Ointment is a popular, multi-use ointment used for contsnts and cuts.

This will degrade the tourniquet much faster and greatly reduce their safety and usability.

IFAK: Individual First Aid Kits | Warrior Publications

The Good Samaritan Law will protect you, but only to a point. Customers also shopped for. Airway adjuncts are manual bypasses of the natural airways.

Here is an excerpt from a article promoting the Improved FAK and giving details on some of the components:. Pressure bandages are specialized bandages used to apply pressure to the wound, thus stemming bleeding by collapsing veins.