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IEC. Fourth edition. Electrical insulating materials – +41 22 02 11 Telefax: +41 22 03 00 E-mail: [email protected] Web: 标准 IEC 电气绝缘材料 耐热性 第1部分:老化程序和试验结果的 评定_电力/水利_工程科技_专业资料。标准 IEC 电气. this publication, including its validity, is available in the IEC Catalogue of IEC Electrical insulating materials – Properties of thermal endurance.

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Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights.

A choice of properties is given in IEC In such cases, the 6026-1 after each ageing period may need to be determined and reported if required in the relevant specification.

The characteristic has now been made the subject of a new, independent standard in preparation. It is permitted for these conditions not to be satisfied in specified circumstances either a small extrapolation or linearity test at significance level 0, may be permitted; see 6.

This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract. A sequential procedure may also be justified where the envisaged accuracy of the evaluation requires additional specimens to be aged, for example, in the case where the thermal endurance relationship turns out to be non-linear.

Where the test criterion for non-destructive or proof tests is based upon the initial value of the property, this should be determined from a group of specimens of at least twice the number of specimens in each temperature group.

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About us We bring together business, industry, government, consumers, innovators and others to shape their combined experience and expertise into standards -based solutions. Preview Abstract IEC A complicating factor is that the properties of a material subjected to thermal ageing may not all deteriorate at the same rate, and different end-points may be relevant for different applications. The intercept of this line with the end-point line gives the logarithm of the 62016-1 time to end-point see Figure 4.

It constitutes an editorial revision where iex simplified method has been removed and now forms Part 8 of the IEC series: Copyright All the data, software and documentation set out in all British Standards and other BSI publications are the property of and copyrighted by BSI, or some person or entity that owns copyright in the information used 6021-1 as the international standardization bodies and has formally licensed such information to BSI for commercial publication eic use.


If a time different from 20 h has been used for deriving the TI, the relevant time expressed in kh shall be stated, followed by kh. If such a method cannot be found, an international, national, or institution standard, or 62016-1 specially devised method should be used, and in that order of preference.

It is advisable to distinguish between: It is good practice to prepare additional specimens, or at least to provide a reserve of the original material batch from which such specimens may subsequently be prepared.

The first assumption is tested by the so-called Fisher test F -test. However, it is important that a smaller range of mean times to end-point will lead to a larger confidence interval of the result for the same data dispersion. Such complications may arise, for example, if the thermal endurance relationship turns out to be non-linear, or if specimens are lost due to thermal runaway of an oven. Organizations of all sizes and across all sectors choose standards to help them achieve their goals.

You can keep in touch with standards developments and receive substantial discounts on the purchase price of standards, both in single copy and subscription format, by becoming a BSI Subscribing Member. This sixth edition cancels and replaces the fifth edition, published in In the same way, the ageing cycle durations should be changed in approximately the same ratio.

If the results do not show this, the period may be changed so that the median result may be expected in at least seven cycles preferably about 10 provided this change in cycle time is made before the fourth cycle.

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This model is iex when the selected end-point of the diagnostic property is correlated with a particular degree of molecular change in the material which is subject to ageing. A time to end-point within the first ageing period shall be treated as invalid. A simplified procedure, requiring a limited subset of the following tests is reported in IEC NOTE 2 The above definition is not strictly compatible with the figure and also differs slightly from the definition in the second edition of IEC In the case of proof tests with incomplete data usually censored at the medianit may be possible to obtain a sufficient increase in data group size by continuing kec exposure until further kec specimens have failed the proof test.


In addition to the above-mentioned basic assumption, some general assumptions regarding the chemical mechanisms of the thermal ageing need to be satisfied: Evaluate the results, as listed in 6.

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Instead, the trend of the thermal endurance relationship may be roughly estimated after the first or second failure at the lowest ageing temperature of the original programme. Although originally developed for use with electrical insulating materials and simple combinations of such materials, the procedures are considered to be of more general applicability and are widely used in the assessment of materials not intended for use as electrical insulation.

To find out more about becoming a BSI 6016-1 Member and the benefits of membership, please visit bsigroup. The format of the TI is then: After each removal, allow the group of specimens to cool 600216-1 room temperature unless otherwise specified. For materials in which a significant variation of properties with temperature or humidity is expected, unless otherwise specified, condition the specimens overnight in standard atmosphere B of IEC This value might be selected with respect to usual service requirements.

If not, the assumption is a priori rejected, but, since in special cases it is possible to detect a statistically significant non-linearity which is of little practical importance, the calculations may, under specified conditions, be continued in a modified way for details, see IEC Licences can cover as few or as many users as you wish.