Herpetofauna da Mata Atlântica nordestina | A Mata Atlântica nordestina possui apenas 2% da sua cobertura original, distribuídos por centenas de fragmentos. Keywords: herpetofauna, conservation, Atlantic Forest, Apiaí, Iporanga, Vale do . Palavras-chave: herpetofauna, conservação, Mata Atlântica, Apiaí, Iporanga. Herpetofauna do Parque Natural Municipal de Sertão, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil remanescente de Mata Atlântica, um dos maiores fragmentos do norte do Rio.

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Standard methods for mammals. Data were gathered from specimens collected in six areas within the park during a period of 76 days distributed in one year, and from three Brazilian scientific collections. Colubridae no sul do Brasil. Chironius bicarinatus Wied, Figura 11h.

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Amphibian species of the world.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

We recorded 47 anurans, one gymnophiona, seven lizards, one amphisbenian, 46 snakes, and one turtle. Catalogue of the Neotropical Squamata. In Biology of the Vipers G. Rural Rio de Janeiro 7: Leptodactylidae with descriptions of two new species. Revision of the Micrurus frontalis complex Serpentes: IUCN red list of threatened species.

Taeniophallus affinis Guenther, Enyalius iheringii Boulenger, Figura 11a. Philodryas olfersii Lichtenstein, Este comportamento foi registrado duas vezes no PECB. Bokermannohyla astartea Bokermann, Figura 5c.

Herpetofauna of the Carlos Botelho State Park, São Paulo State, Brazil

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Phalotris mertensi Hoge, Leptodactylus marmoratus Steindachner, Figura 9h.

Scinax brieni De Witte, Figura 7h. Mabuya dorsivittata Cope, Figura 11b. A Multivariate Statistical Package for windows, ver.