While Sengoku has a Lifepath that will guide you in selecting skills, disadvantages, et multiple cetera, the Fuzion system itself is a pure point. Lifepath generator. Basics. Personality The above lifepath was generated using the Fuzion lifepath generator with the Superpowers plugin. They own it, I’m . Artesia uses a heavily modified version of the Fuzion lifepath model (which is awesome by Please explain the concept of a “life-path system”.

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They usually include Special Equipment, Security Clearances, Licenses, Permits, and Contacts who a character can use to gain information or call in favors from. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Tags separate by space: If the Referee feels there is no real difference between Dexterity and Reflexes, they could remove one or the other, and use a single Stat for both.

Fuzion is an adaptable system which can be played in any genre and setting imaginable. Fuzion characters have numerous Derived Statswhich get their values based on the level of a primary Stat and performing a mathematical formula to calculate a number.

They can be lost or taken away by actions in the game. This gives you a smattering of skills for your caste, complications that suit your character’s upbringing, and your basic equipment.

Talents represent special innate abilities of a character that cannot be taken kifepath from them, or used by another character. For free, a starting character gets a set of Everyman Skills that are picked by the Referee as appropriate to the campaign. Check with your GM to see if they have customized fuzon Everyman Skill list. Referees and players can also make up their own skills as needed.

Fuzion – Wikipedia

At the player’s choice, lfepath leftover CPs not used fuzio buy Stats can be traded for OPs at a ratio of 1: CPs can be traded for PPs at a ratio of 1: If you know an idiom that would transmit that better, feel free to change it. Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles with too many examples Wikipedia articles with style issues from May Consult the table below for variations of the Difficulty Values by die type:.

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There is also the optional rule of Critical Successes and Critical Failures. In this case, 5 option points.

The typical opposed check formula is: A lifepatg or more points are given for high-powered, superheroic adventures. Skills are purchased with Option Points at a ratio of 1: In Fuzionwhenever a character performs some kind of critical action that needs to be resolved, they make a die roll to see if they succeed or fail at the task.

If you’re going to buy expensive equipment later full samurai armor, katana, etcmake certain to take Wealth during this step.

I strongly recommend having no attribute below 3 barring a notable handicap. Talsorian and Hero Games, Lifepath was revitalized and has become a staple of new Fuzion powered games such as Bubblegum Crisis and Champions: Regardless of what the character is rolling against, the player has to roll the target number or higher on the dice to succeed.

Atomik Lifepath is a random-roll supplement that expands the Champions -centric version of the Lifepath in version 4. For example, to raise a stat from 4 to 5 costs 25 option points 5×5. The Flat X can be further modified by armor, cover and range penalties. To raise a primary stat costs 5 option points per level starting with the first. By fuzipn “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Some other Complications include: GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that lifepatth allowed this site to become what it is today.


After three readings I only come to two conclusions:. There are two kinds of resolution tests in Fuzion ; those rolled against a Difficulty Value DV determined by the Referee, and those rolled against another character.

What steps are actually essential to chargen, and in what order are they to be done? Atomik Lifepath Average Rating: After a good game of FuzionReferees can reward characters with more Option Points, or Award Pointswhich they can use to improve skills, and convert to money to buy more equipment.

When Hits fall to zero, a character is unconscious and may ilfepath dying.

Lifepath generator

Generally, Talents cost 3OP, but specific talents may cost more. This number is further added to the Attack roll and raise the chances of getting a successful hit. Enough OPs that are saved up can later allow a player to raise a Stat or two, and maybe buy a Talent or Perk, however the price for future ability upgrades fuaion costly and keeps characters from becoming too powerful, too quickly. Retrieved from ” https: Post as a guest Name.

If permitted in your campaignOkuden and Ki Powers should be budgeted for now.

Each point of DC represents a six-sided die that is rolled to see how much damage the weapon can cause. When an object loses all its SDPs, it is rendered livepath a vehicle shuts down and grinds to a halt, a weapon will no longer fire, etc.

Concept and Power Level.