The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory .. Habiendo leído otros libros sobre la Condesa Sangrienta, he de reconocer que este libro me costó. Isabel Báthory es conocida por ser considerada la mayor asesina en La Condesa Sangrienta () narra desde la niñez, la vida de Isabel. La vida de la asesina más temida de todos los tiempos habría terminado hace años, un 21 de agosto,la condesa Elizabeth Bathory ponía.

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Apart from that is a very interesting reading about a homicidal maniac that was Elisabeth. Dec 24, Ashley rated it liked it. Immaginatevi di scrivere una biografia su un personaggio storico che vi appassiona tantissimo e di farcirla con cose che vorreste gli siano accadute; immaginate di fargli pensare quello che volete voi.

Apr 26, Emma Woodcock rated it liked it. She was a bloodsucking demon sent from hell to murder virgins. I will disconinute any further inquiry into her life or the lives of people such as Gilles de Rais or Marquis de Sade.

Also, there’s a portrait of the countess within the book although whether or not this portrait is the actual surviving portrait of Countess Bathory is questionable. The most infamous accusation — epizabeth one that inspired her infamous nickname, the Blood Countessas well as the rumors that she was a vampire — alleged that she bathed in the blood of her young victims in an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance.

Won’t even give it 1 star. You might also like. SO if you’re interested just in the character like me, the loads of Hungarian history is pretty boring. Lists with This Book.

Scarey, and trully amazing; reading is believing. She was also more educated than the average: As to the letters, only three were presented at the very end of the book. Fascinating character, darker than darkness itself. Jul 03, The Badger rated it did not like it.


At the rear of the book they have a transcript of the court hearing. In a secret underground room like a crypt, Darv Valentine Penrose was a Surrealist poet, one of the first women in the movement.

La escalofriante historia de la condesa de Transilvania que se bañaba en sangre – Sputnik Mundo

Published October 1st by Creation Books first published So, here is the subject. That said, one witness claimed to have seen a book kept by Bathory herself, where she recorded the names of all of her victims — in total. I am well versed in the most horrific war crimes that have occured in Africa over the last years and while this book is very graphic in its describtions it still pales when compared to some of the things I’ve read about people doing to one another.

Sep condeza, Steve Davies rated it liked it. Both make a for a good story — even if only one of them is actually true. It is supposedly a factual book of historic account, but it’s filled with conjecture, cod-psychology, astrology ffs! The content didn’t follow any elizabth timeline or pattern; the author jumped from Erzsebet and her crimes to pages of family and European history much of it not relevant to the topic interspersed with the author’s own biases.

Readers seeking a sober recounting of history will not find it in this book. This is a mind blowing account of a Countess who lived in the 17th Century. Very insightful, albeit a little hard to follow as its language is rather cryptic, more so because the names and locations of events are extremely foreign.

Perhaps the fault of translation.

This book follows in the vein of La Bas and Benedetti’s Bluebeard–lyrical and poetic, we are able to see not ckndesa the actions but also the psychological and historical affecting and surrounding Erzsebet Bathory. I picked it up again a few days ago to get it off my book to-do list. Trivia About The Bloody Counte OMG the most codesa book I’ve ever attempted to read. Mar 09, Rhett rated it did not like it. She also takes the testimony given at trial by tortured witnesses at face value, not questioning even the most ridiculous of statements.


It’s actually for research, but Erzebat Bathory always fascinated me.

Elizabeth Bathory : La condesa sangrienta / The Bloody Countess

Then, see why Lizzie Borden may not have murdered her parents after all. Bathory, scion of a powerful Hungarian family and the product of inbreeding between Baron George Bathory and Baroness Anna Bathory, called the castle home.

Nobody can fathom why she recorded the names of the victims, sometimes adding comments and details: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Return to Book Page. From she started writing on lesbianism, always with the same lovers: Sure, there were comparisons between the lifestyles of both, but I was not expecting this Also, the book would jump between the gruesome actions of Erzsebet and her helpers, and then go into boring desciptions and historical information, which was not the least bit interesting.

Perplexingly awful; I’m one of those gullible fraidy-cat types who loves a good story about serial killers medieval or otherwisebut I couldn’t finish this. The flowery language and references to her behavior being related to the moon and the fact that she was a woman were off putting.