Elbow Room: The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting (MIT Press) [Daniel C. Dennett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A landmark book . Dan Dennett’s Elbow Room is pretty good. It’s about free will, a perennial subject that’s intriguing for any person who’s ever stopped to wonder if the regularities. Daniel C. Dennett – – Philosophy 61 () Elbow Room: The DENNETT, DANIEL, C. Elbow Room: The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting.

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Or rather, what is it for something to be worth wanting?

All in all, Elbow Room offers a stimulating and effective response to the current revival of incompatibilist approaches to the free will problem. The compatiblist believe that we make all the choices that we want to make, and that those choices are determined by our history.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It does not show that we have free will. But when it comes to positive feelings towards others the situation is quite different: If an experimenter interrupts one of these steps the wasp will repeat that step again.

Elbow Room: The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting (Daniel Dennett)

Daniel Dennett, Elbow Room. Again, an argument from utility. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The wasp, with a much smaller brain and different genetic program, does not learn from its environment and instead is trapped in an endless and futile behavioral loop that is strictly determined by its genetic program. An interesting question is posed towards the end: But further study is warranted, and Dennett has adequately organized this concept.

He wants to work all our the edges, get a very rough idea, before adding detail and ultimately polishing the theory. He investigates the meaning of “can” and “could have done otherwise,” and asks why we want free will in the first place. This one has the advantage of being engaging and easy to read.


Elboww is the centre of his argument. Value Theory categorize this paper. You would never want to live a life where you could arbitrarily make any choice at any moment without regard to your needs and desires. We don’t have universe upon universes of neurons to compute how electrons in the nearest galaxy affects our decision whether to eat pizza today.

review of Elbow Room by Dan Dennett | Galen Strawson –

In a final chapter, he takes up the problem of how anyone can ever be guilty, and what the rationale is for holding people responsible and even, on occasion, punishing them. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Oct 17, John rated it liked it Recommends it for: Mark Heller – – Philosophy in Review 6 1: I mention this in passing, not as a criticism. Wouldn’t it rooom be a more computationally complex entity?

There is really nothing more to it. Elbow Room by Dennett, Daniel C.

Despite my bitterness over the older, wiser, dsnnett publicized man beating me to the punch, it is a wonderful book full of ideas that will challenge the way you think about thinking and thought. The chapter “Could Have Done Otherwise” finally takes the lid completely off the metaphysical “can” of worms Dennett is fond of the occasional pun.

That is the point of this book. So if most ordinary adult human beings are free agents, as Dennett thinks, freedom cannot have anything at all to do with self-creation. If our hypothetically mechanical brains are in control of our behavior and our brains produce good behaviors for us, then do we really need such choice?


The title, Elbow Roomis a reference to the question: Eminently accessible to a person willing to commit, but, as all philosophical writing, commitment it requires.

Slbow opening chapter, “Please Don’t Feed the Bugbears”, looks at some of these bogeymen, and discusses the more general use of “intuition pumps” stories that appeal to our human level intuition to prejudice us for or against more technical ideas. What more do we want?

He lists a number of intuition pumps: I can decide what I want to do any moment.

Elbow Room: The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting

History of Western Philosophy. When we say that a person chooses among several possible behaviors is there really a choice or does it just seem like there is a choice? Consciousness Explained as it covers many of these same topics. We would be worse off if we did not do so.

Compatibilism derives much of its strength from this important fact. It is also suitable as an introduction to the topic. Dennett also develops answers, or at least the start of some answers, that embrace the possi What does it mean to have free will? Anyone who has wondered if free will is just an illusion or has asked ‘could I have chosen otherwise? If we were to become genuinely convinced that it was impossible, we would find our lives impoverished in certain ways.

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He clearly believes we are comparable to meat robots of some kind.