These are the statistics compiled by STOCK PERFORMANCE GUIDE (SPG) By Dynaquest of Dr Neah Soon Kean. MULPHA INTERNATIONAL. I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Nov , also can order online first. There are over 1, of Public Listed Companies(PLC) in the Bursa Malaysia. How do you select a stock to invest in? Do you use Technical.

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And he said that had he known Dr Neoh’s perrformance much earlier and followed him more closely he would have earned many more millions. Thu 21 Dec – Stock Performance Guide Malaysia Dynaquest.


That you have to do your own research. Dynaquest provides boutique investment advisory services to a number of large to very large investment institutions including insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies as well as individuals. Talam also gone into PN We also provide a detailed glossary which not only defines all the financial terms and ratios, but also explains how to correctly use the data to analyse stock performance.

If you are having any issues during your subscription or trial, kindly contact us and we will try our best to resolve them. I had 10, shares of Talam Costing Rm10, A simple and effective tool to instantly view a selection of companies with attractive investment qualities.


Coming back to Talam.

No, one email may only be used to register one account. After bonus issue Opcom share price suddenly crashed all the way down to performamce cents. If you are searching for new companies to invest in, we recommend trying our Screener tool to set your own metrics and criteria to identify stocks suitable for your investing requirements.

Tool for Stock Analysis

And we also wish you the best of luck in your future investment endeavours. Any updates will dynaquset announced on our website. On one particular counter a few years ago, he mentioned briefly that for those who might be interested in a certain stock, another stock dtock the same sector maybe a better one to own. For example, once a friend or analysis recommend a stock, you can look at company fundamental and the star rating.

For me I often deviate to shares with no dividend and no clear prospect.

Both comments and pings are currently closed. Only got high NTA and deep undervaluation. I was referring to history.

This was what I did after My Johor Sifu taught me. Tue, 25 Pfrformance We need to know the status now in the present moment.

Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. It now comprises three invaluable tools for all levels of investors:. Kindly note that the search function is not available for the trial.


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I want to share in this post about a tool, a reference book, for stock analysis that I find very helpful and useful for analyzing companies listed in KLSE. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Do you use Technical Chart and Fundamental Analysis? Due to the complexity of our platform and the fact that we do not offer refunds, we strongly encourage that all customers experience our products first hand before committing to a subscription.

Dynaquest’s Stock Performance Guide – Google Books

Are their reports really reliable to refer to? Oct 12 Welcome Guest Log In Register. View Trading Signals and run Live Backtest. Look at all my stars!! Kindly use our free trial and you will notice that for every company, our data and information is organised into 8 main tabs. At the bottom I hadOpcom shares and became one of 30 Top Shareholders.

Edmund Dominos So sad to see this news!