Salam Alaikum. Can any one help me with the transliteration of urdu tarjuma of dua e kumayl. We guys dont knoe how to read urdu so we want. Wilayat Mission features the english translation of Dua Kumail. Printer friendly PDF includes Arabic and transliteration. Click to download your. Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the.

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So I declare with certainty that were it not for what You hast decreed concerning the chastisement of Your deniers And what You transligeration foreordained concerning the everlasting home of those who stubbornly resist, You wouldst make the Fire, all of it, coolness and safety, And no one would have a place of rest or abode within it.

Forgive me transliteragion sins as bring down misfortunes or afflictions O Allah! And by the decision which You hast determined and imposed and through which You hast overcome him toward whom it has been put into effect. You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the caprice of my own soul.

English Translation of Dua Kumail

Have mercy on the infirmity of my body, the delicacy of my skin and the brittleness of my bones O’ Thou! So that I may lead myself towards Thee in the field with the vanguards who are in the fore rank and be swift towards Thee among those who hasten towards Thee and urge eagerly to be near Thee and draw myself towards Thee like them who sincerely draw themselves towards Thee and to fear Thee like the fear of those who believe firmly in Thee and thus I may join the congregation of the faithful congregated near Thee for protection.

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And suppose that I am able to endure the heat translitedation Your fire, How can I endure not gazing upon Your generosity? And by Thy grandeur which prevails transliterattion all things And by Thy authority which is exercised over all things And by Thy own self that shall endure forever after all things have vanished Transliteraton by Thy Names which manifest Thy power over all things And by Thy knowledge which pervades all things And by the light of Thy countenance which illuminates everything O Thou who tranaliteration the light!

Nor has such been reported — thanks to Your bounty — concerning You, O All-generous! Glory and praise be to Thee, wouldst Thou wish to be seen disregarding the voice of a muslim bondman, incarcerated therein the hell for his disobedience and imprisoned within its pits for his evildoings and misdeeds, crying out to Thee the utterance of one who has faith in Thy mercy and calling out to Thee in the language of those who believe in Thy unity and seeking to approach Thee by means of Thy epithet “the Creator, the Nourisher, the Accomplisher and the Protector of the entire existence”?

English Translation of Dua Kumail – Wilayat Mission

Imam Ali then advised Kumayl to recite this Dua on the eve of i. For verily, Thou hast ordained for Thy bondsmen Thy worship and bidden them to supplicate unto Thee and hast assured them of Thy response. While he laments to You with the lament of one hopeful for Your mercy. Except Thee I do not find any one able to pardon my sins nor to conceal my loathsome acts Nor have I any one except Thee to change my evil deeds into virtues There is no god but Thou glory and praise be to Thee I have made my own soul to suffer I had the audacity to sin by my ignorance Relying upon my past remembrance of Thee and Thy grace towards me.

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And over bodily members speeding to the places of Your worship in obedience and beckoning for Your forgiveness in submission. O Thou who shall exist after the last!

Dua Kumayl / The Supplication of Kumayl

How many of my loathsome acts hast Thou screened from public gaze How many of my grievous afflictions distresses hast Thou reduced in severity And how many of my stumblings hast Thou protected, how many of my detestable acts has Thou averted, and how many of my undeserving praises hast Thou spread abroad! Canst You see Yourself tormenting me with Your fire after I have professed Your Unity And after the knowledge of You my heart has embraced, And the remembrance of You my tongue has constantly mentioned And the love of You to which my mind has clung, And after the sincerity of my confession and my supplication, humble before Your lordship?

Sheikh Tusi names this prayer “Du’a al-Khadir” and narrates that Kumayl ibn Ziyad saw Imam ‘Ali narrate this prayer while he was in sujood prostration.

Go To Topic Listing. Forgive me my such sins as would affront my continency O Allah!

And over tongues voicing sincerely the profession of Your Unity and giving thanks to You in praise. Or submit to tribulation him whom You have spared and shown mercy. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Thou wouldst have made the hell cold and peaceful and there would never have been eua abode or place for any one in it; but sanctified be Thy Names, Thou hast sworn to fill the hell with the disbelievers from amongst the jinns and mankind together and to place forever Thy enemies therein.

No such opinion is held of You!

And by Your tremendousness, which has filled all things; by Your force, which towers over all things. So, in what was put into effect through me in that situation, I transgressed some of Your statutes.

I will lament to You from the midst of the Fire’s inhabitants with lamentation of the hopeful. O Allah, forgive me for every sin I have committed and for every mistake I have made! How can I, a weak, insignificant, humble, poor and destitute creature of Thine be able to bear them? Imam Ali trannsliteration “Whosoever keeps awake in devoutness on this night 15th Shaban and recites the Dua of Prophet Khizr, undoubtedly that person’s supplication will be responded to and granted.

My trials and sufferings transliterwtion increased and my evilness has worsened, my good deeds have diminished and my yokes of misdeeds have become firm And remote hopes restrain me to profit by good deeds and the world has deceived me with its allurements and my own self has been affected by treachery transoiteration procrastination.

O’ Thou who art the last hope and resort of those who acknowledge Thee and have faith in Thy clemency and kindness; o’ Thou who art the helper of those seeking help! Thou decreed a law for me but instead I obeyed my own low desires And I did not guard myself against traansliteration allurements of my enemy He deceived me with vain hopes whereby I was led astray and translitrration helped him in that respect Thus I transgressed some of its limits set for me by Thee and I disobeyed some of Thy dja.


For that cannot be attained except by Your bounty. How many burdensome tribulations You hast abolished! O He, whose pleasure is quickly achieved! And whom You have made, along with my bodily members, witness against me. And not to disgrace me through the hidden things You know of my secrets. Forgive my such sins as would suppress hope. I have stretched forth my hands therefore, by Thy honour, respond to my supplication and let me attain my wishes and, by Thy bounty, frustrate not my hopes and protect me from the evils of my enemies, from among the jinns and mankind o’ Thou!

So, in what was put into effect through me in that situation, I transgressed some of Your statutes. And kumajl many ordeals You hast repelled!

How many ugly things You have concealed! So I ask You by the power You hast apportioned And by the decision which You hast determined and imposed and tgansliteration which You hast overcome him toward whom it has been put into effect, That You forgivest me in this night and at this hour Every offence I have committed, And every sin I have performed, And every ugly thing I have concealed And every folly I have enacted Whether I have hidden or announced it, Or I have concealed it or manifested it And every evil act which You hast commanded the Noble Writers to record, Those whom You hast trnsliteration to watch over what appears kumaayl me Transliteeration whom You hast made, along with my bodily members, witness against me.

Which Thou in Thy mercy hast kept secret and through Thy kindness unexposed and I pray to Thee to make my share plentiful in all the good that Thou dost bestow; in all the favours that Thou dost grant; and in all the virtues that Thou trznsliteration allow to be known everywhere; and in all the sustenance and livelihood that Thou dost expand and in respect of all the sins that Thou dost forgive and the wrongs that Thou dost cover up O’ Lord!

And over hearts acknowledging Translteration Divinity through verification. O Allah, verily I ask You with the asking of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me.

O Knower who was never taught! O Allah, forgive me for those sins which alter blessings! And Allah bless His messenger and the holy Imams of his household And give them abundant peace!

For the pain and severity of chastisement? In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. O’ Thou unto Whom I express my distress! Selections from Mafatih Al-Jinan: