This is made possible by the excellent, open-source ReportLab Python PDF This tells browsers that the document is a PDF file, rather than an HTML file. Django==; Pillow==; reportlab== in a file format, we can use two buttons on the HTML page, one for Excel and one for PDF. from templates, ReportLab-wrapper, Render PDFs from HTML in. Python/Django using Headless Chrome, A Django class-based view generating PDF resposes.

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Main flowables used to draw text elements are Paragraph, Spacer and Table.

How to create PDF files in a Python/Django application using ReportLab

See how to pull a range of financial data from a Django application to produce a report, including complex tables and custom data graphics. To do this we can use the ParagraphStyle class.

So in rsportlab to create custom spaces between document elements we can use this method by adding it as an element on the page Spacer width, height.

Installing this dependency into the project e.

A Python Solution for Making Custom PDFs from HTML

Because we need to serve data into a certain format I have created some other functions in a file called utils. So you can create a regular Django template, print and format all the contents and then pass it to the WeasyPrint library to do the job of djangl the pdf.

In our example we set the position bc. This example shows how to take an JSON data and use it to create up-to-date brochures and checklists. That should take care of the PDF creation; you’ll have to decide how you want to handle the download.


ReportLab library comes with several types of bar charts: In our example we want to add a line chart that will display the data from a period of time with the minimum and maximum registered temperatures.

In our example we want to create a pie chart that will show a statistic regarding the percentage of the precipitation probability. I’d recommend using wkhtmltopdf. Next we need to draw the chart into this area: Also you have the possibility to set your own page size by providing custom height and width.

For the filename we created a filename variable by joining a string and current date. Dr Mouse 1 2 In order to use these styles we need to use this function getSampleStyleSheet: You can also have a erportlab on the official API reference. This section shows you how to add some paragraphs to the document. Managing static files e.

ReportLab Tutorials –

Keep Reading If you liked this article, check out our other blog articles. Afterwards you need to register that font like this: The class used to draw a table into a document is named Table.

I write about Python, Django and Web Development on a weekly basis. Django The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Some of our users have reported odd issues with building PDF-generating Django views that are accessed by many people at the same time.


Outputting PDFs with Django | Django documentation | Django

It can also have optional parameters used to customize rows and columns: You can install ReportLab with pip:. This allows the following lines to be added to “views. The library can be used to reeportlab different types of charts like line, bar or pie charts.

In other projects we may need to show data in a more friendly and easy way to visualize it, other than displaying it in a table. The code presented bellow is used to set document characteristics set the margins and the page size. This document is for an insecure version of Django that is no longer supported.

Canvas buffer Draw things on the PDF.

Drop us a line. For this we need to create charts based on that data.

This library provides a file-like object interface that is particularly efficient. These tutorials use Django 1. Even so, the library did not seem to respect all style rules equally.

This article tries to show you how to setup and use some of the features reprotlab by ReportLab library to create PDF files. How to add a table Another important flowable element of ReportLab library is represented by tables.