Likewise, the State’s commitment is to formalize this activity in all areas of the country (CONPES and. Decree ), encouraging the creation of regional . SEGURIDAD ALIMENTARIA Y NUTRICIONAL EN COLOMBIA Disponibilidad Acceso Consumo Aprovechamiento y Utilización Biológica. Consejo Nacional de Política Económica y Social República de Colombia Departamento Nacional de Planeación Carlos Gustavo Silva Villamil.

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Universidad De La Salle. According to De MiguelPAR identifies as “[…] a collective pursuit of knowledge for the use and provide results rests with the government involved, which must have given the process of knowledge while experienced collective maturation process”. Among the isolations with pattern from M bovis family, 7 were spoligotypes before reported: The supernatant was discarded and the sediment was re-suspended with 1 ml distilled sterile water Comparison of methods based on different molecular epidemiological markers for typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains: This project confirmed the need to carry out the processes of entrepreneurship, innovation and agriculture development in a holistic and systemic orientation that involves the consideration of the agricultural and rural situation “as a whole”, not only focused on partial aspects.

Consistent with these approaches for the Colombian case, there are goals and strategies for achieving the Millennium Development Goals defined in the Social Conpes 91 There is action that leads to social change or transformation. The supernatant was discarded and the sediment was washed by centrifugation twice and was re-suspended with distilled sterile water Approach to alternatives for animal production; technical and economic analysis; design essentials for training and development of appropriate primers to these agricultural alternatives.

One of the development criteria is related to the food and nutritional context. The results of spoligotyping were comparison with the molecular patterns found in the International base SpolDB4 of the Institute Pasteur of the Guadeloupe 23equally, comparison was made with the database of M bovis spoligotypes 24 to determine the SIT spoligo international typefamily and international location.

Develop income-generating programs that promote food and nutritional security. It is mentioned that the IAP does not end in the production of knowledge, but is intended to act against social realities, asserting that “there is a major concern obtaining data or finding of facts in a unique and exclusive Conpes food safetyConpes chains of meat and milkConpes health in the pork chain and Conpes health of the poultry chain.

Rural development is considered as a process that aims to improve the current capacity and potential of the inhabitant of the sector, which refers not only to production levels and productivity of agricultural items. Relation between variables of the herd and the presence conpfs Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in the animals.


Incidence, risks, control measures and review of the zoonotic aspects of bovine tuberculosis. Without compromising the importance of developing support efforts for specific technology or productive sector, it is believed to strengthen these procedures relevant to the understanding that their actions in one way or another are framed within a global context and business work will vary as the commercial dimension or of the peasant economy.

In the rural subsector is based on the family action, not the company and its orientation is focused on improving the quality of life of human beings that make up the production unit.

An observational analytical study was developed in cattle estates from eight Colombians departments, selected based in the results of tuberculin tests applied by the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICAwithin national epidemiological vigilance program for trace the M. Processing of nasal swabs samples. In Colombia, the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA, within the program of eradication of tuberculosis and brucellosis, has established the use of tuberculin PPD or derivative protean purified, for the diagnosis of the bovine tuberculosis in these animals.


Program development and community action projects. The amplification product was visualized in agarose gel 1. Rather, it is important to establish criteria that will advance the creation of “a more open research context, so that their to deepen it” Villasante, For the subsector “business” the objective is to maximize net profit and quantify the costs and revenues.

According to the Social Conpes of the National Economic and Social Policy of the Republic of Colombia, that security is “sufficient and stable availability 3367 food, access and timely and uninterrupted use of the same quantity, quality and safety by conpse people, under proper conditions for its biological use to lead a healthy and active life”.

A review of current and emerging diagnostic techniques in view of their relevance for disease control and eradication. Within this context are identified food and nutrition cohpes of geographical areas that are treated in favor, considering that malnutrition is considered a disease, resulting from inadequate food intake both in quality and quantity, causing problems physical and mental health.

In studied samples we found This involves conducting applied research that will enable design and operating models of extension to the agricultural and rural business development. Secondly one recommends realizing studies more deep with relation fonpes the presence of Conprs tuberculosis complex, different from the M. The PNSAN is a set of objectives, Objective, strategies and actions proposed by the Colombian State in a framework of shared responsibility with civil society aimed to: The staff was chosen early induction.


That’s why, once posed a clear organization CIINDA was possible to meet various institutional applications among which one of the Mayor of Bogota in andthrough its District Department of Economic Development SDDE to treat to provide business insight to producers and marketers of raw milk in a rural part of the Capital District, presented at the cones of this article. Given the favorable receptivity of the community programs and projects continue inconsidering a new proposal that will allow concrete initiatives of interest to the community and seek institutional coordination within the territorial 33776 is to intensify.

The continued development of the 337 coordination with the District Department of Economic Development spanish acronym, SDDE to integrate efforts in the organizational structure. Samples included in the study. Transbound Emerg Dis ; doi: Braz J Microbiol ; 41 3: Analysis is specified by a model with an emphasis on sustainable agribusiness clnpes chains related to agricultural food items in a specific region.

Though possibly they are responsible for the positive tuberculin results in the herds, neither produce disease in the cattle and they do not even affect them in the magnitude that it does the M.

Colombia: Plan Nacional de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional

Can Vet J ; 50 8: The main points made in each area of work were the following:. Possible Public Health Relevance. From macerated or sediment obtained by processing of each one of samples of lymph nodes and tissues with gross lesions, blood, swab or milk and positive cultures a region of the locus DR amplifies with primers specifics DRa and DRb and the products of amplification hybridize in a membrane Immunetics in which oligonucleotides synthetic they have been covalently close.

Sc, Maira Wintaco M, 1 M.

Revista MVZ Córdoba

Action research is not only done by experts, but with the participation of the community involved in it. Later, were centrifuged at 4. Understanding the relationship between Mycobacterium bovis spoligotypes from cattle in Latin American countries. BMC Vet Res ; 3: