Nov 2, Inside Days: Pathfinder RPG – Monster Codex. herself in a mirror ?” Stormvermin – HammerWiki Warhammer Skaven, Warhammer Art, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Models, Fantasy .. : souris gamer: High-Tech. Goblins (5); Pirates of Sartosa (12); Regiments of Renown (19); Skaven (5); Special Characters (2); Tomb Kings (3); Vampire Counts (4); Warriors of Chaos ( 2). Looking for the latest updates to your codex or battletome? Got a question about how something in your Battletome: Skaven Pestilens. Updated 23/07/

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Sethep New Special Character: You may not have more units of Skeletons armed with missile weapons than you have skeletons without missile weapons. Otherwise, you could easily just copy the rules you need into a work doc and print it out for use in your games: During my first overview about this project here are my opinions and wishes to some of the units which haven’t been mentioned in the comments above yet: If I would add the exalted Vermin Lord, that would screw up a lot of the layout, meaning it would still be more thanso it’s not really worth it.

Victory points are given if a unit is half or less in Unit Strength rather than less than half. It’s supposed to be a random, short range cannon. This will be included for all future updates as siaven. Hi Mathias, first I am really glad you are doing Skaven 8th as well.


Invocation of Nehek cannot heal characters more than 1W per casting. I would like it if you left it as is, but we will see.

Warhammer Skaven Books

Fixed bug with lance Strength Bonus not being specified when charging. Anonymous 13 October at May take additional hand weapons. Removed BSB part of being in 2nd rank as characters are not allowed to join a unit unless they are placed in the front rank.

I’m a guy that really needs hard copies of books my well thumbed Nippon and Araby ones will attest ekaven I aim to get back to working on the Warriors of Chaos book after New Year’s, so it should hopefully be finished sometime in January.

Not that much info though. Happy Wheeler 10 October at I have been going through your comments and have done the following adjustments to the book: In the case of two hand weapons, the extra attack does not benefit from skavem magical weapon’s rules unless both weapons carried are magical.

As a chariot, these alters cannot march and slow down the unit. Used in packs led by Skaven animal handlers, these horrible beasts are known for their remorselessness in combat. Apart from these points I really like the book. Tiqtaq’to gives ambushers to Terradon unit for free, pts.


Old attribute part of searing doom spell natural armour is not affected. If they have a negative Ld rule as well as a positive Ld fg, then they really just take each other out, and don’t really add anything. I will release the new update later this week, just need to give it a little more polish first: Several Vampiric Powers can now be taken by multiple Blood Codsx.

Skink Cohort start with shields, may take spears, javelins or short bows, 3 pts. Hence I decided to update the book myself. Clarified that you can use Multiple Shots with Sniper special rule. Isabella von Carstein is no longer a wizard.

Warhammer Armies Project: Skaven 8th ed book out now!

There’s a lot that can be done for beastmen, in fact, I have a list: Which you consider that? Necrarch heroes can ride Abyssal Terrors. vr

Mathias, I absolutely love your work. Dieter Helsnicht New Special Character: Konrad von Carstein has the Ring of the Night magic item. I think you ff it a bit: A few things that I’ve noticed: