The modified Hinchey classification is based on CT scan findings and is used to categorize diverticulitis, as well as help to guide appropriate. Acute left sided colonic diverticulitis is one of the most common clinical conditions encountered by surgeons in acute setting. A World Society of. The management of patients with acute colonic diverticulitis is . vs. antibiotherapy alone for Hinchey II diverticulitis: a case-control study.

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Orphaned articles from February All orphaned articles. The management of complicated diverticulitis and the role of computed tomography.

For instance, impaired passage of a stool is suggestive for a stenosis, in which a colonoscopy can differentiate between post-diverticulitis stenosis or cancer; diverticular bleeding is the most common cause of recurrent rectal blood loss, but again cancer should be ruled out by a colonoscopy; and pneumaturia is pathognomic for a colovesical fistula, usually a CT scan will reveal its pathway. This classification allows a correct diagnosis of AD and stages it according to severity, from stage 0 localized pericolic abscess to stage IV pneumoperitoneum and diffuse peritonitis A total of nine classifications and modified classifications for diverticular disease were collected.

Hinchey Classification

Laparoscopic peritoneal lavage or resection for purulent peritonitis and Hartmann’s procedure or resection with primary anastomosis for purulent or faecal peritonitis in perforated diverticulitis NTR Same hospitalization resection for acute diverticulitis.

Retrieved from ” https: The classification is I-IV:. Is the Hinchey classification the best guide for surgical decision making? This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Furthermore, a generalized peritonitis is only diagnosed by physical examination. Routine colonoscopy after left-sided acute uncomplicated diverticulitis: Laparoscopic lavage is feasible and safe for the treatment of perforated diverticulitis with purulent peritonitis: Table 5 CT findings by Ambrosetti et al.


Risk of colon cancer after computed tomography-diagnosed acute diverticulitis: Acute left colonic diverticulitis – Compared performance of computed tomography and water-soluble contrast enema: Department of General Surgery.

AD is an increasingly common entity whose management has evolved over time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use clzsificacion Privacy Policy. Stollman N, Raskin JB. Obesity increases the risks of claisficacion and diverticular bleeding. Outpatient treatment of acute diverticulitis: Prospective, observational study using a database including all consecutive patients attending our hospital’s ER who were diagnosed with AD after their visit.

Pneumoperitoneum associated with acute diverticulitis is not an indication for open or laparoscopic emergency surgery in hemodynamically stable patients.

Ticulitis | Blog

Prognostic factors in perforating diverticulitis of the large intestine. The aim of the present review is to expose a view of the new trends in the management of diverticulitis and colonic diverticular disease, based on the highest clinical evidence available.

Grade II 30, 5. A comparative cohort study. Meta-analysis of test accuracy. The much more detailed information provided by CT scans led earlier to modifications of the original Hinchey classification. Colorectal Dis ;16 Perhaps when a larger number of patients have been assessed it will be possible to improve the mNeff classification and to define which groups of perforated or stage IV AD can be assigned to conservative treatment always assuming that the clinical criteria permit.


Systematic review of evidence and consensus on diverticulitis: Dis Colon Rectum ; Primary anastomosis vs Hartmann’s procedure in patients undergoing emergency left colectomy for perforated diverticulitis. Its prevalence has risen in recent years due to the increase in the age of the general population and also due to dietary changes 1,2.

At our service, after radiological diagnosis, the type of AD is graded using the mNeff classification Table I. Int J Colorectal Dis.

Acute diverticulitis AD is increasingly seen in Emergency services. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol ; The study was carried out from February to February II Large intraabdominal abscess.

Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Long-term treatment with mesalazine and rifaximin versus rifaximin alone for patients with recurrent attacks of acute diverticulitis of colon. Computed tomography in acute left colonic diverticulitis. Drains were placed in three of the patients treated with antibiotics, with a good response.

A systematic review of diagnostic accuracy.

Review of current classifications for diverticular disease and a translation into clinical practice

Modified Hinchey classification by Wasvary et al. Applicability, safety and efficiency of outpatient treatment in uncomplicated diverticulitis. Yet, this does not discount the clasificaciob subjective complaints.