Best Wisconsin Dells Resort Deals

Buying A Timeshare At Your Favorite Wisconsin Dells Resort

Wilderness-condoOne of the most popular ways to save money at a Wisconsin Dells resort these days is by owning a timeshare at one.

You can also get a good deal by booking your vacation accommodations at a timeshare resort since many offer discounts on rooms in exchange for your time to attend a presentation. But there are many factors to consider. If you decide to get brave and go to a presentation, be sure to go with an open mind. But also be careful.

You may have received your first timeshare solicitation through a (not-so-well-timed) phone call interrupting dinner and offering a free or inexpensive short hotel stay in exchange for a couple of hours of your time. Occasionally, some well-meaning or profit-motivated relative or friend will give out our contact info.

While on vacation, it’s also not unusual to be stopped in the street and offered a free day of touring on board a boat, with stops for horseback riding, meals and a “happy hour” in exchange for foregoing some time in the sun for a presentation.

As long as you understand that accepting these offers can be the prelude to several hours (they usually tell you two hours) of presentations – a slide and/or film shows, discussions, property-viewing and – in some rare cases – a bit of browbeating.

Christmas-Mountain-cabinThere are benefits to owning your vacation resort lodging and it’s worth considering if you want to save money over the long-term. Some timeshares can also be traded for other locations so you aren’t limited to always vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells. Take the time if you can and find out all the details, you may be very glad you did.

It may seem surprising that so many people with absolutely no intention of purchasing a timeshare property end up walking away the owners of an annual week of a tropical paradise or a Wisconsin Dells water park resort. But then, perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising. The salespeople are usually chosen to be compatible with or complementary to the average timeshare client – they are trained to create a climate perfect to making a sale.

Even if you intend to turn down the offer (you only want the free prize!) the timeshare salespeople are taught the best ways to turn your NO into a YES. In most instances, the salesperson will bring in a more senior person (usually the sales manager) either to use their superior persuasion skills, exercise fluency in making deals, fast-talking or merely utilize their ability to sweeten the offer. Does it sound a bit like buying a car?

Usually there’s a meal provided with the presentation, or perhaps a champagne breakfast whose little bubbles tickling the nose will often loosen the tighter wallets. And what better than a good meal to move the prospect into a resort property owner. It’s a poor salesperson that does not make a non-buyer feel badly for failing them! Few resort salespeople starve – the sales manager often provides additional purchase incentives.

Wilderness-Glacier-Canyon-resortWhere does the resort get the money to pay for the prizes, hotel and dining discounts or tickets to Wisconsin Dells waterparks and attractions? Well, obviously the resort company has a marketing budget. This is derived from the eventual profits to be made from each sale. Actually, it’s the resort purchasers who pay for both successful and unsuccessful sales efforts. So, if you intend to purchase you should wait for the best deal.

This means don’t accept the first or second offer you hear from the sales team. Invoke every opportunity to have them make you a better offer. Don’t worry, as long as you are in some kind of negotiation – even if it looks like you are negative about the value of the deal – there is someone on site who can improve the offer in some way. This can go on until the sales manager is reluctantly closing your car door for you after hours of bargaining.


You have outstayed most all of the presentation attendees, the salespeople want to go home, and you have heard pretty much all the offers they have to make. The sales team is ready to go as far as they have ever gone before. Make your last request to hear their best and final offer – that last one-week stay in Atlantis in the Bahamas or that vacation certificate that can be used every year, which the sales manager was going to use to take his significant other for a sun-and-sea-filled get-away.

Remember the power of negotiation. Resort owners are not used to dealing with hard bargainers. So take advantage of it. Get every penny out of it you can, then go and enjoy your new Wisconsin Dells resort.
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  1. Ross Dale says:

    Ola! Widellsdeals,
    On a similar note, Many people wish to go to a theme park regardless of what your age or gender is. Wisconsin Dells amusement park is a great place to go for a holiday whether you like natural scenic beauty or countless attractions. Wisconsin Dells is bound to let you experience a vacation you won’t ever forget.
    Keep up the good work

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