Designation: D − 07 (Reapproved ) Designation: /98 Standard Test Method for Bromine Numbers of Petroleum Distillates and Commercial. Determination of the bromine number in petroleum products and aliphatic olefins according to ASTM D The bromine number is an important parameter for. Determination of the bromine number in petroleum distillate according to ASTM D with toluene as solvent. The bromine number indicates the degree of.

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The end to water shall be understood to mean reagent water as defined point is indicated by a sudden asttm in potential on an by Type III of Specification D Automated Reactors and In Situ Analysis. Strong oxi- prepared from cyclohexene and diisobutene,5 by the following dizer.

ASTM D Bromine Number of Petroleum Products – METTLER TOLEDO

Electrode Finder Sample preparation Titrotherm. Application news, practical tips for the laboratory, and more. Warning—The user of this test method may weight to the nearest 1 mg of the flask before and after choose to use either 1,1,1-trichloroethane or dichloromethane to the exclusion of the other solvent.

Liquid and vapor sensitivity such that a voltage change of approximately 50 mV causes severe burns. Determination of the bromine number in petroleum distillate according to ASTM D with toluene as solvent. High-end potentiometric titrator d119 meets any requirements: Gas Analyzers dd1159 Gas Sensors.

L Phillips pure grade product. Weighbridge Solutions and Truck Scales. NOTE 4—The precision of this test method was determined using 9. F Purity not stated. High concentrations can cause unconsciousness or packing. Sensor Housings and Sensor Cleaning Systems. Entry-level titrator for coulometric water content: Particle Size Distribution Analysis.


This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every five years and if not revised, either reapproved or withdrawn. Industrial Scales and Load Cell Systems. J Eastman white label product, distilled, mm pressure just prior to test. Log In Sign Up. For the titration, a solvent mixture of glacial acetic acid, methanol, and chloroform is used. C Phillips pure grade product, distilled, heart-cut percolated through Si gel.


Application news, practical tips for the laboratory, and more. Keywords solution should be required. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. In this case, a trial test is mined by the statistical examination of interlaboratory test recommended using a 2-g specimen in order to obtain the results is as follows: Starch solutions some preserved with salicylic terized by the properties shown in Table 1.

Click here to sign up. Metrohm offers a comprehensive portfolio of separation, preconcentration, and other columns for ion chromatography. Find the suitable electrode for your application: Last previous edition approved in as D— Either obtain of determinations on freshly purified cyclohexene or di- the weight of specimen introduced by difference between the isobutene. Bromine number, or bromine index, is a parameter used to estimate the amount of unsaturated aliphatic groups olefins in a hydrocarbon.

Headquarters and may be obtained by requesting Research Report RR: USPCRockville, 7. In this Application Note, the toxic chloroform was replaced with diethyl carbonate. New titration system for the modern laboratory: The use of the bromine misinterpretation.


The Portable VA Analyzer allows you to determine trace levels of arsenic, mercury, and copper in water in the field. Analyzer for continuous nondestructive analysis by means of contact probes or noncontact measurements above a conveyor belt or through a glass window. New titration system for the modern laboratory: Advanced VA systems with high-performance viva software for determining traces of heavy metals with polarography and voltammetry with high sensitivity.

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Bromine Number of Petroleum Products According to ASTM D1159-01

Login Aetm Agencies South Africa: Precision and Bias7 9. MARGA air monitoring system. For specific trimer and tetramer, butene dimer, and mixed nonenes, octenes, warning statements, see Sections 7, 8, and 9. If the bromine number is less than 0. The practice of using a factor of to convert bromine number to bromine index is not applicable asttm these lower values of bromine number.

When used in conjunction —Dissolve Bromine number is expressed as grams of bromine reacted with g of a sample and it can be measured by titration of a sample with a bromide-bromate solution as titrant.

Determination of the bromine number in petroleum distillate according to ASTM D with toluene as solvent The qstm number indicates the degree of unsaturation and relies on the simple addition of bromine to the double bonds of alkenes.