3D data can be displayed and navigated using the ArcScene Application. in this case we will add an aerial photograph (e.g. aerial 5 in the tutorial data folder) . About This Tutorial. This article describes the steps required to load and display topographic, geologic, and cultural data in ArcScene and presents several. This tutorial is an introduction to ArcGIS 3D Analyst, an extension for ArcGIS. The extension needs to 1 From the 3D Analyst toolbar click the ArcScene button.

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We are beginning a new project that is going to include a new GIS dataset. The table tutoriak contents has several ways of listing layers: Adjust the properties of your new building to set their base heights and extrusion.

Thererfore, it is arcscenw to choose a new name for your exported image iof you have to export more than once. In the Export Map Dialog, you arcscenw check the option to Save World Filewhich will save some georeferencing information for the image. For Location choose your data folder. Dockable windows collapse from the 3D view when not in use. Thinking about it another way, many programs like AutoCAD arcwcene Sketchup will choke if you try to drape a texture with more than, say x pixels Export a Groundplan Image Zoom out to your context frame and measure its width in meters.

Because we want to make a nice compact 3d model, we will export a clip of the elevation model using the same extent that we used to export the groundplan image.


GIS Manual: Beginning a 3D Modeling Project in ArcGIS

At the end of the tutorial we create a 3D model from these that we can play with and generate renderings from a tool called ArcScene. Tutoriall clipped groundplan image can be imported directly into Google Earth and registered precisely using your model frame.

Rather than usng a sensible default display properties for images of this kind, ArcMap insists on stretching the color ranges all out of whack. When saving, be sure to set Save Files of Type to Shapefile. Add your clipped DEM and your buildings and your groundplan.

You can quickly learn the name and more about its capabilities. Open your geoprocessing toolbox by clicking the little red toolbox icon on ArcScene’s toolbar. Wil lan object theat we create be visible from key places around a site?

Note that arcscene offers a special box for adjusting the resolution of your exported image in the View Size box at the bottom left arcsene of the export image dialog. You can also select or deselect toolbars from the Customize menu. We represent the column for the sign as a cylinder that has its base on the elevation surface and is extruded by 10 meters. Name this layer Removed Buildings Turn off your Groundplan so that you can see the building shapes. And then change your extent or change your export resolution, the second image will have its georeferencing messed up.

The image will also include the outline of the frame.


Introducing the ArcScene user interface

This is problematic, since the Elevation units are in Meters. This tutorial will take this a step further. With this tuutorial mind, we should create a new folder system that will hold all of this work.

Access more toolbars to add to your view by right-clicking this gray area. ArcScene is very similar to ArcMap, except it has some additional features for visualizing and navigating data in 3D.

arccscene Like above, there are a few ways of doing this. KML and google earth provide many capablities for modeling sites as collections of georeferenced points, lines polygons, images and 3d models.

Save your clipped elevation model as a tiff or an Imagine Image format. Note that you can adjust the size and rotation of symbols. These tools optimize interacting with the 3D view and your data. You may want to use other overlays with transparency to colorize the tutlrial or to include details for some other GIS layer that you have.

Beginning a 3D Modeling Project in ArcGIS

Our turorial dataset is going to include: I recommend that you have an outer folder named for your site, and a sub-folder within this to hold your GIS data.

Fix it Symbology properties of your groundplan, setting Stretch to none as discussed above. Finally, we will select and save the buildings that occur within our model study area.