Objective-c code Apple style documentation set generator. – tomaz/appledoc. I am trying to use appledoc to only generate HTML content. I do not want the docset created installed. I am using the following arguments: appledoc. I haven’t used ‘appledoc’, but from a quick look at the page you linked it appears that it’s an open-source command-line utility. So the first step will be to compile.

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I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and be alert to the next, if you have questions or comments please let me know in the comments section. Additionally, you must also copy genearte files required for running the tool to one of predefined paths.

24 Feb 2014—

I’m the author of appledoc tool. Now we will see how to integrate this documentation to our projects. For this, we will add appledo our project a new build target in order to keep the main target of the project separated gemerate the documentation. At this stage of the tutorial we will create the introduction to our html documentation. My questions are what the command lines are used for. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

If you want to use ‘appledoc’ to regenerate your documentation every time you build some project, you can add a “Run Script” build phase to an existing target in your project, or create a new appldeoc just for documentation that has nothing but a “Run Script” build phase.

After you have added this we see how a section is added, it is called Run Script and here is where we add the following script. Remember that a well-documented code streamlines apledoc processes and integration with other team members.

Using appledoc to generate documentation for project

Another way to see this documentation is using external tools such as the very popular Dashwhich is a documentation offline browser with over languages. AppleDoc is able to read the code and generate visually appealing to the user documentation in HTML format, like Apple Xcode documentation, which is fully indexed and browsable.


Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Either way, the script in that phase should appledc shell script containing a command similar to the one above though you’ll probably want to specify the source directory explicitly rather than just using the ‘current’ directory, i.

There are also other methods for installing – all contribution from users: This requirement is a good practice but is not the most fun of our work. I doubt that most people are familiar with the ‘appledoc’ project, so you might want to explain your question a bit more. Now we need to customize how we are going to run the AppleDoc with the appropriate arguments. Once the compilation finished, we look in the path setted, and we will see the HTML files with the project documentation.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Where can we see the documentation created? A few days ago in my work I had to develop an application, which included the documentation requirements of the code.

AppleDoc is a tool that helps developers to generate Objective-C code documentation based on comments with a special format in the top of each of the objects that make up the source code.

appledoc – fastlane docs

All the steps required are described in the readme file on appledoc page on GitHubsee Quick Install section. Caleb k 16 I just created it few days ago, so there’s no content at the moment of this writing, but feel free to ask questions there.


For any additional questions go to appledoc Google group. In this file, we write a brief introduction of the project and we will show this to the top of the documentation once we compile the target.

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We can find the documentation in the established path in the configuration script defined in previous steps, under the label –index-descand you can easily open the browser and go surfing generage classes. At first we should automate the generation process of documentation in HTML format.

Using appledoc to generate documentation for project

Email Required, but never appkedoc. Guardian24 – iOS 16 Feb ap;ledoc Once we are located there, we will add a Script Build Phase as follows: AppleDoc is a very useful and efficient alternative to document our code files and generate visually appealing files for a final user in HTML format.

As I found on this postyou can generate a complete HTML documentation of your code with this command line:. Post as a guest Name.

This tool is very useful for me, because virtually forces you through warnings i personally try to avoid warningsto comment geberate each of the attributes, methods and classes.

You can use install-appledoc. Switch de dispositivos de audio Alfred-WorkFlows 01 Apr As I found on this postyou can generate a complete HTML documentation of your code with this command line: Another feature, that is positive for me, is the fact that AppleDoc generates warnings in the code in the case that you forget to document an object, so you never forget. Tom 1, 9 Open a terminal window, navigate to the directory where your files are, and then use the command given at the top of the page that you linked: