ALTCS will fund your assisted living. Work with experts on your application to ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) for seniors, the disabled and veterans. To start an application, call your local ALTCS office. To learn more about ALTCS, click here. To locate a Medicaid. not including a home or vehicle – Must need ongoing services at a nursing facility level of care.

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Speeding up the ALTCS Application

Hiring SAS is a “no brainer” – unless you have endless patience, tons of free time, and are good applicatio forms and following strict rules. The call takes about five minutes.

If you have a choice and you are in a facility, ask the facility who they prefer to work with. If you or your loved one applivation facing the high cost of long term care, we strongly recommend you meet with us, at the very least to discuss your options.

What is the Monthly Income Limit? The actual piece of paper that creates this trust is sometimes sold by attorneys for a significant fee. The points range from and when you hit 60 points, you are approved.

The applicant owns a home held in a revocable trust. If the score is 55 or higher but below 60, management will review the score. In applicatoin 60 days, they will ask you to pick an insurance plan, will check your financial background, and also come to your home to perform a medical evaluation. You do need to have access to their personal information and records, and they will need to sign some forms.

It takes about two months from the altcss we request the application to get a decision, but if you are approved then benefits are applied back to the first day of that month. They may tell you that you need an Income Only Miller Trust and to call a lawyer.

It’s no big deal, and you might get an additional cash altcz if you’re eligible. The ALTCS Eligibility Specialists are not always helpful—if someone sought tax advice, most people would consult with an applicationn, rather than the customer service representatives at the IRS.

All the facilities we refer to have been background checked to make sure they are licensed and have no major violations. Once we review your case, we will tell you if you need to request a Fair Hearing or reapply. Do They Pay Me Cash? Generally these factors involve whether the Grantor applicant retains rights to receive income, invade principal, or serve as trustee.


To see which Program Contractors serve appliation county, click on this link: Wartime veterans or their surviving spouses may be required to apply to the VA for a need-based pension as part of their ALTCS process. We usually will refund a prorated portion of the fee when the application is cancelled early in applicaion process, but usually not when it is denied atlcs substantial work has been completed by SAS. Even though ALTCS says it could be faster than that, when everything is said and done, 60 days is usually the number.

Arizona Medicaid Long Term Care Services: Benefits & Eligibility

For married applicants, Community Spouse rules may allow the applicant to have more monthly income. If you then think you might want us to help you, we will arrange to meet at our office or in your home for a applictaion detailed conversation.

We also do not charge an additional fee to re-apply within one year after a denial for medical reasons. In order to be eligible for ALTCS, an individual must be a resident of Arizona who is over the age of 65 or have a recognized disability, such as being blind. ALTCS does not pay you cash, but the Program Contractor may pay cash to a qualified caregiver who takes care of you if they meet appllication requirements.

Speeding Up the ALTCS Application

Arizona follows a special set of rules to protect the financial security of a healthy spouse, also called the community spouse or non-applicant spouse, when his or her spouse needs long-term app,ication. Additionally, making sure everything is organized for the different parts of the application can help speed up the process. Elderly and disabled residents are provided care, including nursing home care and home and community based services, on a managed care model. We have been helping people with their applications for years and successfully getting them qualified.

In-home services are intended to help you to remain in your home.

For the consumer, there are both positives and negatives to this managed care delivery model. Arizona has defined both ‘countable assets’ and ‘exempt assets. Once the financial interview is completed, a medical assessor will contact to schedule an appointment to visit the patient for altfs medical evaluation.


Additionally, clients ask us what they can do while they wait for their application to go through. This means that the state will permit a much higher level of resources applicayion be held by the non-applicant when only one spouse is applying for Medicaid.

For your first call we just need an overview of your age, residency, citizenship, marital status, assets, income, insurances, and medical situation. This is most likely to help those who are close to the limits and still cannot afford their cost of care. Some applicants run into a lot of frustration and trouble, especially in cases involving trusts or married couples community spouses. ALTCS uses different standards to determine whether married people are eligible. Many people wind up being denied for small errors that could have been easily fixed because they did not understand or they just gave up.

We will also help you reapply for no additional fee within one year, and we typically do not charge an additional fee for appeals. For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

It should be noted that with alternative residential care, sometimes referred to as assisted living or senior living, the room and board portion of the monthly fees are not considered medical services and, thus, are not paid by ALTCS. When a Medicaid candidate applies for, and is accepted into ALTCS, he or she meets with a caseworker to determine a health care plan that covers long-term care needs, including nursing home care, home care, adult foster care, and alternative residential care.

If you choose to see a non-contracting physician, you will be responsible for the payment for that medical service. This is why it is extremely important to have a professional organization like Senior Planning help with the application. ALTCS is not going to be very helpful when you are exhausted and confused. In most cases, asset protection is an option.

Make sure you understand ALTCS policy and consider all your options before spending down or paying high attorney fees.