Glimpses of Signing Ceremony of 9th Bipartite ; Salary Revision and Pension Option It is a momentous and historical settlement signed by. AIBOC and other . Basic Pay Chart and Pay Scales of bank officer with annual increment in Pay Scales. 7th Bipartite Settlement, 8th Bipartite Settlement, 9th Bipartite Settlement. Salient Features of Bank employees 9th Bi-partitement Settlement of wage ( salary) (Pay) Revision.

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Project Area Compensatory Allowance: Union of India Chinnappa Reddy, J. Hill and Fuel Allowance: Lump sum November, to April, Upto 3 hours per week: Thus they are milking the Bi-partite settlement for Rs.

Wage revision of 9yh and officers.

Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement: Officers new pay

For Clerks and Substaff Upto 15 th Stage: For Clerks and Substaff. Under the Settlement all the remaining 2,60, employees and officers who are now covered by CPF would be given a chance to join the Pension Scheme.


Tuesday, April 27, 9th bipartite signed on 27th April Vank Officers Association Public Figure. Will be revised based on new basic pay. Saturday, April 3, Payscale – Officers.

Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement

Let the corruption increase, the govt. It was decided that after finalising the draft settlement, the signing of the same should be completed by 15 th April, Prima facie this 9th Bipartite Settlement suffers from following legal infirmities, hence a nullity in the eyes of Law: What is your openion on settlement? Special Leave for Women: Existing Special Pay will be revised and arrears paid for both clerks and subordinate staff. Now over a period of three decades the salary of a bank officer bipartiye reduced to almost half of the salary paid to Group A officers.

Draft settlement will be taken up for finalisation. Definition of dependence under family: Upto monthly income of Rs. Present Special Pay holders: Wage settlement – Officers – Developments – Tuesday, April 6, Officers new pay.


Email or Phone Password Forgot account? It is painful that a bank officer is being paid less than a clerk of govt.

What to talk of a sub-staff 4th class in banks. Unions are not specifically mandated by existing employees to negotiate salary and enter into a Bipartite settlement. Article 14 of the Constitution enjoins the State not to deny any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws and Article 16 declares that there shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters under the State.

The Settlement would cost the Banks an additional increase in wages by Rs. Officers payscales – updation. Wage settlement- Workmen – Developments – Shame on the govt.